Who Is The Ideal Patient For Laser Therapy In Greensboro NC?

Who Is The Ideal Patient For Laser Therapy In Greensboro NC?

Chronic Pain Greensboro NC Who Is The Ideal Patient For Laser Therapy

Laser therapy in Greensboro NC is a treatment that uses light energy to treat various pain and inflammation conditions. The light energy cuts out, destroys, or burns the tissues receiving treatment to facilitate healing.

Light from the laser does not pose any health risks to the patient or the doctor administering it. But like any other surgery, it may induce bleeding, pain, and scarring from the heat during treatment. That said, recovery time for laser therapy is typically faster than the downtime from open surgery.

When Is Laser Therapy Used In Greensboro NC?

Doctors can use laser therapy for several curative purposes. Since the light rays are small and precise, they let doctors safely treat injured tissues without hurting the surrounding ones.

Doctors often use laser therapy to:

  • Shrink or remove cancer cells and tumors
  • Eliminate kidney stones
  • Cut out the prostrate
  • Remove birthmarks, scars, and other skin issues
  • Cure varicose veins
  • Improve eyesight during corneal surgery
  • Repair detached eye retinas
  • Soothe pain, including pain in the back nerve
  • Repair hair loss from aging or alopecia

Laser therapy can also help seal leaking blood vessels and nerve endings to reduce post-surgery pain. Additionally, it can help close lymph vessels to minimize inflammation and slow down the spread of tumors.

Can You Have Laser Therapy?

The best candidate for laser therapy includes:

  • Patients whose pain or inflammation do not go away with medicine, physical therapy, or other pain treatments
  • Patients who continue to experience discomfort or pain even after surgery
  • Athletes or physically active people who want faster relief from a sprain, strain, or other sports-related injuries
  • Patients who need to improve their blood circulation
  • People looking for a pain-relief option with minimal complications or side effects
  • Patients who are generally healthy or in good physical shape

The best way to determine your eligibility for laser therapy is to consult your doctor. Your doctor has the necessary training and expertise to diagnose your condition and prescribe a suitable treatment plan.

It is important that once you begin, you finish the course of treatments that your doctor recommends. Otherwise, symptoms may reoccur. Also, the number of treatments varies from person to person. You may get relief after only a few treatment sessions. Other cases may take longer to recover.

Who Should Not Have Laser Therapy?

You should not have laser therapy if its risks outweigh its benefits. For instance, laser therapy can aggravate sores that result from underlying skin or health problems. During your consultation, tell your doctor if you usually develop cold sores, have any health problems like diabetes, or are taking any medicine or supplements.

Also, as with other surgeries, poor general health puts you at a higher risk of developing complications from laser treatment. Talk to your doctor before choosing laser therapy for any procedure. Your age and general health will help the doctor determine whether laser treatment suits your situation. Some laser surgeries, like LASIK eye treatment, may not be available for you if you are below 18 years.

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