What Causes Neuropathy To Get Worse In Greensboro NC?

What Causes Neuropathy To Get Worse In Greensboro NC?

Chronic Pain Greensboro NC What Causes Neuropathy To Get Worse

Neuropathy or nerve damage can cause chronic pain in Greensboro NC, so much so that it can complicate your life. It results from the dysfunction of one or more of your nerves. As a result, you experience tingling, numbness, pain, and muscle weakness in the affected parts. Typically, neuropathies begin in the feet and hands. However, your other body parts can still feel the effect.

Neuropathy indicates that you have a problem inside your peripheral nervous system. Even though the condition is treatable, it can get worse and more complicated. It is essential to monitor what you eat and do your regular exercises.

Some individuals feel neuropathy pain worsen on other days. You may also struggle to stay on your feet for a long time. Below are some factors that cause neuropathy to worsen.

Cold Temperatures In Greensboro NC

Neuropathy can cause your feet to become sensitive to cold. You may notice your peripheral nerves tingling more when the temperature drops. As a result, you may feel a sharper or burning pain. You are also likely to feel more painful sensations when it gets cold because your heart rate will reduce and cause blood to slow.

Keep your feet warm by wrapping them with a blanket so you can reduce the pain and uncomfortable sensations.

Emotions And Stress

Your emotions also play a significant role in how you perceive pain. High anxiety and stress levels can amplify the discomfort you feel. You will also feel more pain if you experience physical exertion and stress. You are likely to experience nerve pain at night due to strenuous exercises that result in soreness.

Constantly being in emotional distress can cause havoc to your mental and physical health. Your stress levels may cause your condition to get worse on some days. Practice living a stress-free life by learning how to relax to reduce your anxiety and tension. You can spend some of your quiet time in a warm bath, listening to music or nature.

Hormone Levels

Your hormone levels, biochemical processes, and metabolism adjust when the body prepares for bed. As a result, the changes can trigger pain sensations. For instance, your cortisol levels, which have anti-inflammatory properties, drop while you sleep. They do so to allow your body to rest. However, this can result in pain and your neuropathy will worsen.

Medication Dosage And Timing

Medication can wear off during the night. Your nighttime symptoms and biochemistry may also require a different medicine or dosage to keep the pain in check. It is essential to seek help from your doctor and explain your symptoms so they can find a way to help the neuropathy heal.


How you experience and perceive pain has a link to your attention level. Sometimes, you can get distracted if you are busy with work or running errands. The time you spend doing other things keeps your mind off the pain, and you tend to perceive it less.

On days you have less work to do, you may notice the pain flaring up. Since the distractions are no more, your only focus will be on the pain. Ideally, see your doctor regularly to help them monitor your condition and give you more current treatment to fight the neuropathy.

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