How Long Does It Take for Laser Therapy to Work?

Health practitioners are using laser therapy more than ever before to reduce pain and inflammation. Those who have experienced the therapeutic effects enjoy the long-term benefits of laser treatment. The non-invasive therapy is safe and effective, and the results last a long time. 


If you are planning to get laser therapy, it is vital to understand how it works and the conditions it treats. You need to know how long it takes for the laser therapy to work. 


Reducing Pain Without Side Effects


Laser therapy works effectively to reduce pain and inflammation, and it does so without side effects. It uses the process of photobiomodulation, where photons get into the tissue, interacting with the cytochrome complex in the mitochondria. 


The interaction helps trigger events that increase cellular metabolism while reducing pain and inflammation. Unlike medications and other treatment forms, laser therapy does not have negative side effects.   


Treating Chronic and Acute Conditions


Laser therapy is effective for treating both chronic and acute conditions. When administered soon after an injury, the therapy works fast to reduce inflammation, beginning the healing process. 


The therapy can help restore the body to its normal function much faster. For chronic conditions, laser therapy helps deal with persistent pain and inflammation. It can deal with different conditions by delivering the required dosages.


Customized Therapy Option


Laser therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. The therapy is flexible and is customized to fit each patient. The lasers are set to different levels to treat the areas of the body and conditions. 


The equipment comes with multiple heads that offer flexibility and optimal delivery. A device for treating bony areas will differ from the one used for deep tissue structures. The lasers help administer treatments that need different levels of precision.


Why Choose Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy offers a non-invasive solution to treating different conditions. Unlike surgery, laser therapy does not require incisions or cuts. This means that patients do not have to deal with the risk of surgical complications or infections. 


Laser treatment does not require downtime or time for recovery. It is also a better option than using medications that can have side effects. The therapy focuses on natural and complete healing, not just neutralizing the pain.


Laser Therapy - How Long It Takes to Work


Results of the treatment begin immediately after laser therapy. The sessions are relatively short, lasting between 10 to 15 minutes each. High-powered lasers deliver plenty of energy quickly to achieve the required therapeutic dosages. 


How long it takes for the therapy to work will depend on different factors. The factors include the severity of the condition and the size and depth of the treatment area. The treatment plan follows the patient’s condition. Those with severe pain may require more sessions than those with mild pain. 


Laser treatment is a gentle and painless technique that produces wonderful results. There is usually no discomfort after the treatment, meaning that it does not require downtime. However, some patients experience mild discomfort 6 to 24 hours after treatment as the tissue healing process begins. 


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