How Does Laser Therapy Work for Pain?

Most people experience some form of pain at some point in their life. Studies have shown that around 50 million adults suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can last weeks or years depending on the individual. 


The pain differs in intensity from a dull ache to a sting or burn. The pain can be very uncomfortable and affect an individual’s quality of life. There are several ways to treat pain, including laser therapy. It is vital to understand how laser therapy works.


Laser Therapy for Pain Relief


Lasers help reduce nerve sensitivity by reducing bradykinin, the chemical that elicits pain. The laser normalizes the ion channels and releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. It also produces enkephalins that create an analgesic effect. 


The therapy can block pain in nerve fibers. Response to laser therapy will differ from one individual to the next. Some patients respond faster than others with the same condition.  


Anti-inflammatory Effect


Lasers help to increase ATP, which is the body’s stored energy. An increase in energy accelerates the cell repair process. The laser widens the veins and arteries around the injury, helping remove the damaged cells and increasing oxygen and nutrients. 


The activity of the white blood cells is enhanced, resulting in more rapid repair. This leads to a reduction in some of the molecules that promote inflammation and an increase in beneficial antioxidants. 


Accelerated Tissue Repair


The light from the lasers penetrates deep into the tissue, accelerating cellular growth and reproduction. Exposure to the light from the laser causes faster repair of the muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve cells. There is improved vascular activity as the laser light works to increase the growth of new capillaries in the damaged tissue. This helps close the wounds faster, speeding up the healing process.


Stimulating Trigger Points


Laser therapy is effective for treating pain as it gets to the trigger points. It works much like acupuncture without uncomfortable needles. The lasers extinguish the pain effectively by stimulating the acupuncture points. It is a non-invasive way to deal with pain in different body parts. The therapy reduces scar tissue formation from tissue damage.


Faster Wound Healing Properties


Laser light works to stimulate collagen that is essential for wound healing. Fast healing of the damaged tissue results in reduced pain. Collagen is an essential protein that is instrumental in replacing old tissue or repairing injuries. Stimulating collagen is effective for dealing with pain from burns and open wounds. 


Getting Laser Therapy


Laser therapy helps activate stem cells, enhancing healing. High-power lasers are available in some chiropractic and physical therapy clinics. The lasers are effective in dealing with different inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, peripheral neuropathy, and capsulitis. 


Doctors can use laser therapy to treat strains, sprains, and other injuries caused by repetitive motion. Laser therapy is useful on its own or alongside other forms of treatment. If you suffer from chronic pain, you can find out if you can benefit from laser therapy. 


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